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Barberry Plants

Barberry are woody shrubs that is an old-time favorite, especially when planted under a window as a deterrent to home-invasion or a "natural" fence or barrier plant; its signature thorns make it a formidable plant to tangle with, but since very little care is needed, you need not worry about getting stuck yourself. All of our Barberry Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Price $10.80
The 'Aurea Nana' Barberry Plant is also called the Dwarf Golden Barberry or Gold Leaf Barberry. Intensely-colored golden leaves are noticeable stand-outs and manage to hold their stunning attractiveness throughout the spring, summer and fall, turning deeper gold, then copper and finally deep red as the brilliant red berries appear. This specimen is grown almost primarily for its foliage colors, producing only small pale yellow, fragrant flowers, though its slightly salt-tolerant nature has our coastal growers planting it for its brilliant color in those sheltered areas out of the way of salty spray.
Price $14.00
The 'Sunjoy® Cinnamon' Barberry Plant is another Proven Winners® Color Choice Selection, and well-deserved. The foliage on this woody shrub is the most amazing tawny reddish-brown, the darker color of the newly emerged leaves mixing with the lighter color of the more mature leaves. This is one of the most interesting colored foliage shrubs; this thorny beauty performing double-duty as protection against unwanted intruders, man or beast, when planted under the windows of your home or as a hedge along the border of your property. Also slightly salt-tolerant, our coastal growers can also enjoy this barberry as long as its kept out of the line of direct salty spray.
Price $9.95
The 'Sunjoy® Gold Beret' Barberry Plant is another selection chosen by Proven Winners® for its stunning color. The new foliage emerges red, changing to sunny yellow and then to red again as fall brings cooler temperatures. This dwarf, low mounding barberry is a low maintenance shrub perfect for mass plantings and tight spaces. In fact, when tested side-by-side with other yellow foliaged barberries, Gold Beret proved to be significantly burn resistant.
Price $13.50
The 'Sunjoy® Gold Pillar' Barberry Plant is being compared to the 'Hellmond Pillar' though rather than burgundy foliage, 'Sunjoy Gold Pillar' has brilliant golden foliage with new growth that is! Then, in the autumn, it seems to catch fire with blazing orangey-red foliage and red berries. This variety has been tested side-by-side with other yellow-leafed varieties and has been found to be more resistant to sunburn. The vertical, upright growth and remarkable foliage of this Barberry bush has made it a Proven Winners® Color Choice® award-winning shrub! Live on one of our coasts? You can decorate to your heart's content with this barberry; just protect it, with a fence or building, from direct salt spray. Each 4-inch pot contains one Sunjoy Gold Pillar Barberry plant.
Price $12.70
The 'Sunjoy® Syrah' Barberry Plant is another selection chosen by Proven Winners® for its magical dark wine-red-purply color. At times, almost appearing black, the foliage is nothing short of dramatic and eye-catching. Though Barberry shrubs are most often grown for their foliage and protective thorns, Syrah has petite yellow flowers that make the foliage literally "pop" and against which they are quite showy. Its slight tolerance to salt even has our coastal gardeners growing it where it's protected from direct salt spray; they report exceptional results!