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Asclepias Plants

Asclepias plants produce sweetly fragranced flowers that attract butterflies, bees, swallowtails and hummingbirds. It is used by the Queen and Monarch butterfly for egg-laying and is the only plant that a Monarch caterpillar can eat and survive on!

Asclepias, pronounced as-KLEE-pee-uss, is more commonly called Milkweed, or Butterfly Weed, a rather villainous-sounding nickname. But, it is far from being a weed. It is non-invasive and safe to plant in any garden. It grows best in full sun when planted in well-drained soil. Water moderately, but not late in the day. Along with being a low maintenance plant, it is also deer-proof.

All of our native Asclepias Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Price $8.50
Tuberosa Ascipias produces long-lasting, nectar filled, brilliant orange flower clusters, and its foliage provides food for the monarch butterfly.
Blooms: June-July-August
Attracts: Butterflies • Birds
Features: Popular cut flower • Native plant • Deer resistant • Popular in rock gardens
Sunlight: At least 6 hours per day
Comments: Plants are cut back for shipping, may not flower this season
Pot Size: 4.5" square x 5" deep

Ships: Spring 2017
Price $8.50
The 'Cinderella' Asclepias Plant bears large, compact clusters of vanilla-scented flowers that first appear as deeply pink beads, opening with tiny petals a shade or two lighter, and then finishing with wide open pale pink flowers that make the clusters look somewhat lacy. The long-lasting blossoms on this native milkweed plant are perfect for cut flower arrangements; the cut ends can be lightly seared with a flame to prevent the milky sap from leaking out. Sold Out
Price $8.50
Our 'Hello Yellow' Asclepias Plant is the first truly yellow native milkweed; this hue just happens to enhance the colors of its favorite visitor, the monarch butterfly, to perfection. You can’t help but smile as this drought-resistant, nicely salt-tolerant, free flowering Butterfly Weed seems to grow wings with the myriad of honey bees and butterflies so irresistibly drawn to it. Even the seed pods, if left to their own devices, will sprout wings and blow away. Sold Out
Price $8.50
Our ‘Woodson Swamp’ Asclepias plant will be at home in moist, and even swampy, areas of your landscape, it also performs admirably in average, well-drained gardens as well. Ideal for decorating the edges of your pond feature, this native milkweed sports frilly looking umbels of bright, flirty pinky-red accented with tiny white starlets. The foliage is vividly green and often tinged with lavender. Monarch butterflies will build their nurseries here, while you get to enjoy its pleasant vanilla-like fragrance. Sold Out
Price $8.50
The 'Milkmaid' Asclepias Plant bears clusters of creamy white diminutive flowers atop medium-green, strong stems surrounded by spear shaped foliage with lighter green midribs and lacy veining. Also called Swamp Milkweed, this native milkweed perennial is totally un-weed-like and is home to the Monarch Butterfly and other winged beauties, to include the hummingbird. She breaks dormancy late, but be patient; the show is worth the wait. Each 3-inch pot contains one Milkmaid Asclepias plant. Sold Out