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Our best selling Songbird Essentials Single Compartment Bat House is crafted of solid cedar with zinc-chromate hardware for long lasting beauty. A grooved interior allows for comfortable roosting. This single-chambered bat house will accommodate about 20 adult male “bachelor” bats. This bat house measures 14” x 9” x 3”.
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The Fountain Of Gardens Garden Memorial Plaque reads; A fountain of gardens, A well of living waters, Solomon 4:15. Stand included.
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The EMT Honor Plaque makes a great memory or honor plaque for any Paramedic. Stand included.
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Organic Light Red Kidney Soup Bean Seed is an early producer, has a pleasantly mild flavor and is extremely versatile in the kitchen, this soup bean widely used for chili, bean salads, soups and stews. When used in recipes, their thin skins easily take on the essence of the recipe while providing a chunky though silky smooth texture. The light red kidney bean is popular for use in Mexican cuisine and is known to be easy to grow, adapting to many growing regions, even tolerating cool, wet climates. Approximately 350 seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
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Our Organic Super Marmande Tomato Seed produces a tomato with a very rich, sweet flavor, and firm flesh that contains very few seeds. A prolific bearer, the tomatoes are large, slightly flattened, gently lobed and exceptionally meaty. The shape has been described as “cushion-shaped” and when perfectly ripe, Super Marmande has just a touch of pink on its shoulders. A super sweet and super juicy tomato! 70 days to harvest. Approximately 60 seeds per packet.
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Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade, 50-lb. Bag
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Espoma® Palm-tone® 4-1-5 is the ultimate, all-natural plant food, scientifically formulated for all palm-type plants and for Hibiscus plants. A proprietary blend of all natural nutrients and Bio-tone®, with its beneficial microbes, has resulted in the optimal organic plant food for these particularly persnickety plants.
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The EarthWay® Precision Garden Seeder eliminates the tedious, back-breaking work created by hand-sowing seeds! In one pass you will plant the seeds at the proper depth and spacing, cover the seeds, and mark out the next row. Talk about making gardening fun again. With its lightweight aluminum frame and optional accessories, it’s considered to be the “Cadillac” of seed planters. Included are 6 “Standard” Seed Plates that can plant 17 different types of vegetable seeds. Buy with confidence, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Made in the U.S.A.
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Jiffy© All-In-One Greenhouse 25© has everything you need to start your own little greenhouse. Includes 25 Jiffy-7 peat pellets, pot and soil all in one! Has a sturdy base tray which is reusable and recyclable. Also includes a clear greenhouse dome. Tray measures 11"x11".
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The Plant Light Intensity Meter is a pocket-sized, portable, light-sensitive instrument capable of reading illuminance, luminance, reflectance, and transmittance up to 10,000 footcandles (lumens per square foot). It is designed specifically for the measurement of light energy that directly affects plant growth, development, and seed germination. Sensor is on a 2.5 foot cord. Instructions included. No batteries need.