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Poopeas Granulated Manure Compost - 3 lbs.

Poopeas Granulated Manure Compost - 3 lbs.
Poopeas Granulated Manure Compost - 3 lbs.
Discontinued Poopeas compost is the earth-friendly answer to reduce the chemical run-off and environmental damage done by synthetic fertilizers. A gentle soil amendment, the only ingredient being Granulated Manure Compost, you can apply it right to the base of your plants or mix it with the soil for tender new transplants; you can even amend your soil prior to seeding without fear of burning, or worse. Natural Nutrient Solutions, of Garden City, Idaho, leads the industry in its ability to process humongous quantities of dairy waste into an amazingly beneficial and environmentally safe recycled product. Poopeas is the astounding result, one that is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Free Shipping on all Poopeas!
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poopeas compost

Poopeas compost puts livestock waste to good use:

  • 2-2-2 NPK value. Poopeas is a continual, slow-release, all natural soil amendment.
  • Completely odorless, you can even use Poopeas on houseplants. Either mix with your potting medium or dissolve in water and "spread the brown"!
  • Use Poopeas on your whole lawn at a rate of 20 pounds for every 1000 square feet; just use any type of spreader. There's no smell for the neighbors to complain about and it won't run off, leaving ugly chemical traces on your sidewalk or driveway.
  • For new plantings, just mix Poopeas at a rate of 12 to 16 scoops (scoop included) to every 5-gallons of planting medium.
  • For established plants, simply apply 8 scoops or so to the base of your plants and water thoroughly.
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