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Hydrofarm Germination Station

Hydrofarm Germination Station
Hydrofarm Germination Station
The Hydrofarm Germination Station™ is a heated seed starting system. It offers increased growing success by providing gentle warmth to the planting bed and controlling the humidity under the dome, much like a greenhouse. Included is a 17 watt UL-listed waterproof heat mat, 11" x 22" growing tray, 2" humidity dome, 72 cell seedling insert and seed starting instructions.
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  • Place the mat on a well drained surface (without standing water).
  • For warmer mat temperatures, place it on an insulating surface rather than a cold floor.
  • Covering your plant tray with a humidity cover or dome will also keep the root area warmer
    and maintain humidity control for better rooting.
  • Plug the mat into a 120 volt power source.

Seedling Heat Mat™ is designed to raise rooting rooting area temperatures approximately 10-20˚F above ambient air temperature.

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