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Easy Gardener Plant & Seed Blanket – 6’ x 20’

Easy Gardener Plant & Seed Blanket – 6’ x 20’
Easy Gardener Plant & Seed Blanket – 6’ x 20’
SKU: PS-4061-EG
Discontinued The Plant & Seed Blanket by Easy Gardener® provides insect and frost protection while encouraging optimum growth for both your young transplants and freshly seeded garden beds. This lightweight floating row cover gently protects tender shoots while allowing warming sunlight and essential air and moisture to reach your germinating seeds, his fleece blanket measures 6 feet x 20 inches.
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The perfect solution for early spring and fall, the Plant & Seed Blanket acts like a mini-greenhouse:

  • It warms soil so that seeds sprout 50% faster.
  • It encourages flowers to bloom sooner.
  • It allows produce to mature earlier.
  • It offers frost protection for both tender shoots and mature plants.
  • It protects young plants from marauding insects that can destroy them before they have a chance to mature.
  • Its 6’ x 20’ size is generous enough to cover large areas or can be cut to fit as needed.

Does not protect from freeze conditions.

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Gardener Plant & Seed Blanket

"Gardener Plant & Seed Blanket"

laquita t on 9/6/2013 1:17:31 PM

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